4K Responsive Website Development

Responsive website development has won the best method to display a consistent layout across desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Praxis Technologies responsive website development exceeds the competition in all respects. Your website shine on smartphones, laptops, desktops and up to modern 4K displays which will maximize your earning potential and ROI.

Responsive website design factors into the ranking of your website in Google and Bing. Proper responsive scaling effects the amount of impressions and clicks your website will receive along with the amount of time on page, how many visitors returned, conversions, and in turn, domain ranking and sales.

Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

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4K Responsive Web Development | Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency


None of your peers are ready for 4K. Your Company will be.

Praxis Technologies features include mobile first, 4K responsive website development and design.

Most websites today expand to only 960 pixels wide, which was standard in 2006, with 1920 pixels wide today being the rare exception. When these older websites are viewed on a modern display, they appear to be very small with text that is tough to read and images may be so small they appear postage stamp size.

Your new responsive website will scale to shine on the largest 4K commercial displays down to desktop monitors as well as display perfectly on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. The same functionality exists with the same information, pictures, and video all scaled for the viewer to have an easy to read, view, respond and purchase experience.

Praxis Technologies website development services can include:

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Praxis Technologies will work first complete a branding analysis to add your overall strength through consistency to your overall digital footprint by driving home your brand core values. Included in our web development packages are a philosophical idea behind every aspect of your new website which are supported by up to date case studies done by the best in their field.

Custom website design is included in Praxis Technologies web development packages. Praxis Technologies staff will develop and design an updated custom WordPress responsive website that will better display your company, your style and your values to your visitor through decisions based on recommendations and studies on Modern UX | UI preferences.  Praxis Technologies design will guide your visitor to the most pertinent aspects of your company, your services, or your products by highlighting crucial information with contemporary graphics, photography, video, and design.

Search Engine Optimization is included in all web development packages. Your website SEO will invite your ideal customer base through a combination of organic and local SEO which means, your name, your location, your services, and our work to add proper page titles, descriptions, and keywords to gain the clicks and adding calls to actions to create the sale. This is how the process tree works to gain ROI.

SEO is developed into your website in all forms from page titles, headers, search description, keywords, and image titles. Praxis Technologies also refines your website SEO by targeting your competition assuring quality visitors and converting results from Google and Bing.

Praxis Technologies will install Google Analytics and Bing Analytics for you to monitor your website growth.


Praxis Technologies has 10 years experience in developing, designing and maintaing eCommerce shopping carts to sell your products or services. We can help you sell both physical goods or digital downloads. Your Company will sell your own products, through an SSL Secured eCommerce storefront by accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, which will deposit funds directly to your own business banking account. The eCommere shop will will handle all of the shipping charges, taxes, and customer and admin email notifications automatically.


If you are a Non Profit Organization, Praxis Technologies has the ability to develop your website to receive donations legally through various means. Paypal, Stripe, Organizational Bank Account deposits, and 3rd party services are all available options to transact donations. Praxis Technologies will consult with you to implement the right fit.


Google has recently released an updated algorithm that includes a bonus for your website being SSL secured. There is also a corresponding penalty of a lower ranking for those websites that do not SSL secure their website in Google rankings.

Of course, the main benefit of SSL security is the inherent trust of your website when users visit and see the lock and https:// before your domain name. SSL helps assure your visitors your company takes their privacy seriously and that any information shared with you will not be vulnerable.


Your company website will be managed and updated through the browser so you can always have easy control over your site and its contents. Your WordPress website management will be restricted to those your trust. Your website and its security can be enhanced with an SSL certificate as well as tying the website to a dedicated IP address, which is always necessary for eCommerce. As a bonus, SSL secured websites receive added benefits in Google rankings for their effort.


A company website must hit certain ques that compel a visitor to schedule a consultation or purchase the products shown. This type of layout is a necessary tool and the contact form design plays an integral part. When your website has a firm grasp of your client and their goals it builds a rapport that could otherwise have been lost.


All businesses should have a professional email address for the company and staff. A gmail account, while easy, does not provide your company the same respect as that of a branded domain email account provides. If it is ease you need, your email account can be added to Email Platforms like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail and all smartphone email programs. If you host your website with Praxis Technologies, we can add the value of being able to check your email via a web browser, like that of gmail.


Responsive image galleries are a standard feature of all Praxis Technologies web developments. All singular images will also automatically resize on the scaling of a web browser. Responsive image galleries are great for displaying a multitude of products for eCommerce as well as for posting photos to accompany longer original content posts on your news section.


Praxis Technologies web developers will setup video streaming for your new website, which is shown to keep 50% of visitors on your website longer.  Self hosted video means you have more options to keep your intellectual property secure while displaying a stream of your video either publicly or privately. A private video would allow viewing behind a login page, or payment portal, which is great for membership websites like an educational series. Your video can also be made public for visitors to stream for free as a visitor normally would. However, should you wish your video not be disseminated on other platforms, this is a great way to secure your rights.

A great way to build your brand and your brand authority is to make an investment in sharing your story through a professionally produced advertisement. Praxis Technologies works exclusively with the premiere television studio in south Florida, WPTV NewsChannel 5 NBC and the Scripps Network.

Praxis Technologies will work with you and WPTV from storyboard to production and distribution. Praxis Technologies will add value by gauging hits, conversions and ROI through statistical tracking of your website to provide new information about your target audience and their preferences. Its worth having a professional help. WPTV NBS 5 will produce your advertisement as well as distribute it through the Scripps network for television, radio in 64 markets nationwide as well as national OTT advertising, targeted by zip code, ensuring your story is understood and appreciated.


Your company about page, team members, services and contact page all help you be found and featured in search engines. Though, to maintain your ranking and to improve, original content news will be your best tool. Included in your company website will be the ability to post articles, as often as you like, to better target your preferred audience. The company news should by share quality, crafted original content on your chosen topics. These news articles reinforce your brand authority as well as offer the added value of higher traffic, which helps your Google rankings. Praxis Technologies also helps in the creation of original content for Content Marketing.


Schema development is a key piece of SEO to help your company website gain higher rankings in Google and Bing search results. Schema development classifies your business into specific categories to ease in its being found and featured in search results. Schema also classifies pieces of your website, like your blo,  and its articles, your location either as a national or local company, and for its ability to gain valuable clicks and impressions that otherwise would have been lost in the sea of search results.


Praxis Technologies will develop your website to have a Twitter card, which guarantees when visitors share your website on Twitter, it is presented in a way that is most complimentary. Praxis Technologies also  automates the process of posting your new blog post to Twitter, including the ability to share a picture, post description, custom link to the post as well as relevant hashtags; all of which are searchable by Twitter visitors to help build your brand.


To help build visitor interaction, your company website can have a members area which allows each person having their own log in account with profile picture, contact info and biography with the ability to comment on new blog posts. This members area can be setup as a paid members area to collect funds in exchange for downloadable or streaming of video or news. Funds will be deposited through a 3rd party financial provider direct to your business bank account. Or, should you wish to keep a private website, your members area can be re-purposed solely for the use of your employees as a way to coordinate projects and maintain focus on tasks and work as a CRM for your business.


Google and Bing both offer a similar service to help your Business be found and featured in search results. Registering your business as official in Google and Bing enables your company to be featured in map searches for local businesses per a given niche. As well, this verification also add ranking signals for your website in organic searches as the more ways you define yourself to Google and Bing, the higher your website will rank.


Facebook keeps growing and in turn so must we. Praxis Technologies suggests implementing a strategy to utilize their core services. Praxis Technologies  will automate the posting of your new content to Facebook including a picture, title, description and hashtags that will help the Facebook community learn more about your company. Praxis Technologies will include Facebook Opengraph development in your website, which means, that when your website is shared on Facebook, the link with the image and text appears in its best light to attract visitors.


Praxis Technologies develops all of our new website to be compliant with the requirements of the American With Disabilities Act. If you are concerned about your current website please contact us for an evaluation to estimate the changes needed to have your website comply with ADA standards.


When Praxis Technologies  builds your website, you own your website, you retain full control over your domain and you retain the ability to host it with our dedicated servers or with any hosting company of your choice. We always use a full WordPress installation that is far beyond any managed interface like Wix or Weebly. With WordPress you have full control to access to your files via FTP, cPanel, MySQL and the WordPress admin area accessed through the browser.


An advantage of using Praxis Technologies to host your website is that our Arizona based data center offers 24 hour monitoring and alert system. Praxis Technologies servers have had 99% up-time over the last 10 years. As well, should you host your website on Praxis Technologies servers, included is a monthly automatic backup of your website to assure you always have a stable version when needed.


Should you need a custom piece developed to add to your website, Praxis Technologies has the developers and experience needed to meet your goals.

WordPress Developer| Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

Woocommerce eCommerce Developer | Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

WordPress SSL Secured Mobile Optimized Web Development

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WordPress is the leading Open Source CMS in use ranked in 2015 at 25% of the market, approaching 30% in 2016.* , and a chart topping market share of 59.7% for 2018.*

WordPress is used by worldwide news outlets, professional sports organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies.*

WordPress is in its 16th year of development with a committed Open Source initiative, making it first release in 2003.

An SSL secured WordPress website development is resilient to attacks and will safeguard from malicious attacks as well as any website development language.

Praxis Technologies will leverage the power of WordPress for your business.

WooCommerce website development | Praxis Technologies

eCommerce Shopping Carts & NPO Online Donations

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Praxis Technologies will build your eCommerce website to have the ability to sell your products, or services, to buyers online with funds securely deposited direct to your business bank account and through your preferred eCommerce payment provider. We have personally worked with over 10 different eCommerce payment providers and know their features and their downsides. These are the best payment providers like Authorize.net and First Data working with banks like PNC Business, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

The Praxis Technologies preferred eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is our chosen best eCommerce platform not only for WordPress, but because its just as strong for SEO as its WordPress base. WooCommerce offers the ability to display many different and varied UX | UI designs to help separate yourself from the market. An added benefit of WooCommerce is its Open Source framework, which when leveraged by the hands of a development company with 8 years experience in it like Praxis Technologies, you will ensure less costs than working with competitors like Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Magento.

If you sell products like digital downloads, photography or video, we can custom build eCommerce shops for you to sell each item individually or to sell a full site membership with a monthly membership fee deposited directly to your merchant account.

Praxis Technologies has also built websites for Non Profit Organization to transact donations through multiple methods. We can consult with you to help you choose the right fit for your NPO and visitors.

Praxis Technologies offers over 10 years website development and design experience which meet compliance standards for these fields and more.

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