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Project Description

EDM Ghost Producer

WordPress Web Development | Responsive Web Development | eCommerce | SSL Security | Search Engine Optimization

Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing and Branding Agency has worked with EDM Ghost Producer from August 2016 till February 2017 to complete Phase 2 of their custom eCommerce WordPress WooCommerce web development.

Praxis Technologies maintained their current website while upgrading their WooCommerce and Paypal transaction method. We further developed out their frontend presentation to create a better UX | UI.

Our SEO team helped guide EDM Ghost Producer on redefining the term “EDM Ghost Producer” on Google Search, which they needed as it has a negative interpretation.

Praxis Technologies  has worked with their code, from another developer, to update and modernize their fixed width 960 website by custom crafting the width of their menu to scale to fit all browser sizes from ultrawide 2560px wide to mobile phone browser width’s of 800px.

SSL security was setup to ensure their transactions remain protected as well as to give a boost from Google SEO rankings, which is now counted to your website score. Security and website protection team help thwart attacks on their popular site and worked to prevent further problems like the DDOS attack they endured.

Project Details