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Cordicate IT

WordPress Web Development | Responsive Web Development | Web Design | Search Engine Optimization

Cordicate IT is a responsive custom website development featuring local and organic search engine optimization by Praxis Technologies.

Custom website design for pages is provided by Braithwaite Communications. Praxis Technologies was given a Photoshop psd and Illustrator Design to transfer into a responsive website development built with WordPress.

Praxis Technologies was hired to run an SEO Audit on Cordicate IT’s website in January 2020. In our audit, our research included improvement for all of the pages on the site and changes to the Page Titles, Headers, Url’s, Page SEO Descriptions, semantic keywords and long-tail keywords. From those changes implemented, improvements after one month in February 2020 include:

Users are up 79%.
Pages per sessions are up 16%.
Sessions are up 75%.
Average time on site is up 13% at 53 seconds.
Page Views are up 104% at 2406 from 1175.
Bounce rate is down to 0.

Google Analytics SEO Report Results

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Cordicate IT | SEO Audit | Praxis Technologies improvements
Cordicate IT | SEO Audit | Praxis Technologies improvements

SEO Update

Cordicate IT: Two pages rank in the Top 3 positions on Google search results for their services with one #1 position and six pages that rank in the Top 10 positions.


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