Praxis Technologies has over 15 years of experience connecting brands with their target market through web design, marketing, SEO, and TV advertising.

We will help grow your awareness, impressions, and increase your conversions.

The cornerstone of your digital, print and video advertising is your brand and its main message. Praxis Technologies has worked with companies to craft new branding and to redesign established companies to keep them fresh in their approach to the modern audience.

Your branding experience with Praxis Technologies encompasses an overall audit of the style, your main message, logo, text, and images in place for your website and your marketing materials. Once we have established your current position, then Praxis Technologies can reshape your vision to help you reach your preferred end user by creating better brand awareness and authority.

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Responsive website development means your website can present a consistent presence across desktop tablet, and mobile browsers.  Mobile and tablet browsing now reflects a number of at least 30% of the visitors to your website, which is a large percentage that your site must be ready to assist.  Praxis Technologies has 10 years experience specializing in response web development to have your company website shine across all viewing experiences from 4K to smartphone browser dimensions.

We work to create website design that draws its viewer in while featuring your best products and or services. All elements of Praxis Technologies website design will reflect key components of your branding while exhibiting a level of quality that is unmatched by your peers.

Praxis Technologies writers and branding specialists will audit your current marketing campaigns to help better identify your target audience and to help grow your conversions.

Praxis Technologies will help your company create original content to better reflect your brand, your message and to help invite your preferred visitor.  Praxis Technologies specializes in the ability to target both wide and niche demographics through tailored campaigns with images and copy to be shared in your company news, press releases, and your social media accounts. We can also help your company create evergreen content to help your website achieve top search engine rankings  for niche searches or with mediums like Google snippets.

Praxis Technologies SEO specialists work hand in hand with the designers and developers to make SEO the priority to the approach to your website.  The SEO content is strategically placed to provide a combination of researched keywords and compelling design so you website can gain the search  impression, gain the click, and gain the conversion by targeting Google and Bing local and organic search results.

Our SEO work repeatedly rank on the first page of Google search engine results for organic and local SERPs. We can even help your existing site with our SEO Audit Packages.

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Praxis Technologies works with WPTV NBC NewsChannel 5 and the Scripps network as an Agent of Record for Television and OTT Advertising campaigns.

The television industry leader for south Florida and the treasure coast, WPTV will produce your commercial to be to be viewed by up to 2 Million homes in south Florida and millions nationally through the Scripps network with channels like A&E®, ESPN® and MLB®.

Television advertising is available through up to 36 Scripps affiliates in 26 markets or national advertisements targeted by zip code through OTT advertising, which is used in mediums like Roku®, XBOX, PS4, among other streaming services.

For Enterprise IT, Praxis Technologies partners with a Cordicate IT, CRN Tech Elite 250 Information Technology provider with offices in Philadelphia, PA, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and south Florida.

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    Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

    Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing and Branding Agency has over 15 years of experience working with financial lenders, law offices, healthcare companies, mortgage brokerages, IT solutions providers, national eCommerce brands, retail and wholesale Vendors as well as non profit organizations.

    We know how to help grow your audience and how to increase your conversions.

    Praxis Technologies translates your ideas into action.


    Praxis Technologies translates your ideas into action.