About Praxis Technologies

Praxis Technologies consists of a team of development, design, and video consultants working together for over 10 years supporting clients across the United States. Praxis Technologies partners with elite IT service provider Cordicate IT to serve south Florida. Praxis Technologies works exclusively with WPTV as an Agent of Record for television and OTT advertising campaigns.

Praxis Technologies offers a wealth of experience crafting branding, advertising campaigns, developing responsive websites featuring eCommerce, organic SEO, local SEO, and video production. We know the way to help your business gain brand authority, reoccurring sales, and better ROI.

Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing and Branding Agency began in 2005 in Philadelphia, PA and is led by founder, Jim Liberi, a graduate of Villanova University.  We began as Apple specialists who produced Apple video tutorials, which we distributed through a self started brand to reach a national audience and gain revenue through advertising and by featuring our services. We have first hand knowledge of how to help you reach a larger audience, how to generate higher search engine rankings, and how to convert more sales.

Praxis Technologies will submit a proposal after we learn about your company, services and goals. Our work will then better develop your brand to reach its full potential impact on the market through proper branding, content marketing, responsive web development, targeted organic and local SEO, crisp web design, and inviting UX | UI that your visitors will enjoy.

Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you reach your goals.

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Praxis Technologies main office is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with satellite offices in Philadelphia, PA and Los Angeles, CA.

Main Office: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Satellite Office: Los Angeles, California 90068

Satellite Office: Philadelphia, PA 19107

Definition of Praxis, “exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill.”

  • practical application of a theory
  • a convergence of all points

Origin of Praxis

“A Medieval Latin, from Greek, doing, action, from prassein to do, to practice.”

First Known Use in 1581.
Merriam Webster Dictionary

Praxis Technologies trained graphic artists create branding, style logos, and work to design a consistent and complementary presence for use in all mediums including, online and print materials.

Praxis Technologies has time tested WordPress since 2008. We find it gives your company our best tools to be found and featured on the web. Where we have your company exceed the competition is in your responsive website development and your SEO. Our responsive website design scales flawlessly from the largest 4K commercial displays to desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.  Our design will have your company set itself apart and set the standard for your industry.

One of our highest priorities for your website is Search Engine Optimization. Praxis Technologies web developers implements SEO in all available ways, from titles, page descriptions, keywords and headers all supported by schema.org optimization, so Google and Bing easily classify and index your website. Our SEO Staff will research your goals, your services, and the SEO tactics of your competition to attack specific keyword targets, which will get your business clicks, impressions, and conversions from Google and Bing.


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Praxis Technologies | Cordicate IT Enterprise IT

Praxis Technologies partners with Cordicate IT, a CRN Tech Elite IT Consulting firm.

Cordicate IT maintains offices to support Enterprise level service in Palm Beach County Florida, the Philadelphia, PA area, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.

WPTV Scripps NBC 5 Television Advertising Partner | Praxis Technologies | Digitial Marketing and Branding Agency

Praxis Technologies helps you produce your WPTV NBC Television Advertising campaigns

WPTV production and distribution offers your business the opportunity to create an advertisement with the premier station in south Florida and the Treasure Coast. Your business will surely look its best while gaining business and or product awareness.

Scripps offers Television and OTT Advertising on 36 Television stations along with national coverage of advertisements targeted by zip code and lifestyle through OTT Advertising shown on smart televisions, smart platforms, and gaming stations.

Our talent will show the world your skill.