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Praxis Technologies is an Agent of Record with WPTV NewsChannel 5 offering Television Advertising on the premier network in south Florida and the Treasure Coast.

WPTV NewsChannel 5 is Florida’s top rated television station. WPTV advertising is shown in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast while the Scripps Network covers television stations for 36 affiliates in 26 markets nationwide. Scripps also features OTT advertising for streaming options which are perfect for targeting viewers by zip code and lifestyle.

Video has become a key part of every modern company. Video is the perfect medium for content marketing and to reinforce brand identity. A carefully crafted advertisement will work to strengthen your viewers relationship to your company, raise brand awareness, and help to strengthen customer decisions prior to sale and post sale. It is also proven that 50% of visitors stay on your website longer when a video is in place.


Your new television advertising campaign deserves a commercial produced and aired by the television advertising leader for Palm Beach, south Florida, and the Treasure Coast, WPTV NewsChannel 5 NBC West Palm Beach.

WPTV Producers and the Scripps Network will have your Company featured on top channels like WPTV®, A&E®, and ESPN®, as well as Major League Baseball® broadcasts.

WPTV offers access to their 62 years experience producing television advertisements that consistently win awards. You will find WPTV will drive interest, boost conversions and will quickly be your ROI advertising leader.


Praxis Technologies will work with you and WPTV from concept, through production, and for campaign and website statistical impression and conversion tracking to best show ROI.

Did you know Television Advertising ranks as having the best Cost per Acquisition, CPA, per all advertising mediums? That means your WPTV television advertising campaign will return to you the best ROI per TV Advertising, Radio, and Web advertising (PPC).

Contact Praxis Technologies to start the proposal process for your WPTV Television Advertsing campaign today!


  • WPTV TV advertising has the ability to reach 2 Million viewers in South Florida.
  • WPTV NewsChannel 5, and Scripps, have earned numerous journalism industry awards like Murrows, duPonts, Peabodys, and Howard Awards.
  • NBC NewsChannel 5 advertisement packages will displayed on WPTV as well programming chosen in your package. Accompanying advertising options are available to target the WPTV Mobile App. WPTV is received in Palm Beach County, Broward, Martin, St Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades and Hendry County.
  • Your WPTV Scripps Television and OTT advertisements will build awareness and interest, your WPTV banner ads will draw conversions and clicks, and your WPTV social media shared posts will yield valuable followers to whom you can remarket.
  • WPTV now produces a long form advertisement named Take 5,  hosted Candi Spitz , which features your business in a full five minute segment aired on a consistent basis during prime time throughout the week. We also have segments like WPTV’s, In The Know highlight a singular guest and their services in a 2 minute segment.
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    WPTV NBC NewsChannel 5 TV Advertising can include addons:

    • OTT Commercials
    • Web Commercials
    • Contest Management
    • Email Campaigns
    • Hurricane Guide Sponsor
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