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Together we will build your brand loyalty, local and niche authority, and by doing so up conversions for your Fort Lauderdale Florida business.

The core principles we assert below will establish your business as a leader in Fort Lauderdale; Branding, Website Design, Responsive Development, Content Marketing, Advertising, & SEO for targeted Marketing. SEO research is key to the marketing strategies that we create for your business. SEO gives us the insights to know which words drive Fort Lauderdale questions and responses. These SEO stats plus compelling Branding and Web Design allow us to build a lead generation machine that increases your Fort Lauderdale brand recognition and niche authority as well as one that maximizes website traffic and conversions.


The goals presented here are intended as a progression to follow that will build a successful business through a proven way to grow awareness, niche authority, and sales.

Marketing can get your visitors interested in your business though it will be your brand that will inspire confidence to follow through with the purchase. Our Branding team has over 10 years experience working with local and national business that will ensure your Fort Lauderdale business receives the interest it deserves.

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Responsive Web Development and Design is a key ranking factor in Search Engines. If your website loads slowly or loads outside of Google guidelines, you will not receive traffic. We know how to meet Google standards to maximize your website viewers in Fort Lauderdale.

4K development means our developers will have your website shine across all displays from the largest 4K monitors to laptop, tablet and smartphone dimensions. Your website will be mobile optimized to meet Google loading speed standards and by doing so will up your SEO ranking. Praxis Technologies has 10 years experience specializing in response website development and eCommerce. We are WooCommerce eCommerce specialists and can help all size stores sell direct to their customer.

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We will have your business attract your target audience through unparalleled Organic SEO, Local SEO and e Commerce SEO expertise. Our SEO work together will generate consistent, targeted traffic to your website and conversion opportunities for your Business. We know how to research your current position, your competition, and how to help you reach new clients in Fort Lauderdale and to up your Google ranking.


Praxis Technologies will help your company create original content to better reflect your brand, your message and to help invite your preferred visitor.  We create tailored campaigns with images and copy to be shared in your website news, press releases, and your social media accounts.

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Praxis Technologies will grow your Brand awareness through a proven sales driver and cost analysis leader. Praxis Technologies is an Agent of Record with WPTV, the Premier Network in south Florida and advertising across the US. Through WPTV OTT Advertising we can target your preferred client by zip code targeted nationally in all smart televisions and streaming devices. Our Television and OTT advertising packages are a proven way to help you reach your target audience and to convert more sales.

Our advertising specialists have Certifications from Google, Bing and SEMRush. We are Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Campaign Manager Certified. We have the knowledge of the market, and its expectations, which will maximize your ROI for PPC services for Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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For Enterprise IT, Praxis Technologies recommends working with a Cordicate IT, CRN Tech Elite 250 Information Technology provider serving businesses nationally.


Praxis Technologies, founded in 2005 in Philadelphia, PA, has a background in B2B and B2C with experience in verticals of Finance, IT, Tech, Healthcare, eCommerce, and Law.

Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing & Branding Agency is a team of industry leading designers, developers, SEO, advertising & marketing specialists located in multiple cities nationally with representatives available to meet in Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando, & Philadelphia. We know how to work the latest trends into proven corporate industry standards to create the campaigns that are needed to grow your brand awareness, increase your website rankings, and to maximize your sales.


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Praxis Technologies | Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

Praxis Technologies Digital Marketing and Branding Agency has over 15 years of experience working with financial lenders, law offices, healthcare companies, mortgage brokerages, IT solutions providers, national eCommerce brands, retail and wholesale Vendors as well as non profit organizations.

We know how to help grow your audience and how to increase your Fort Lauderdale Florida conversions.

Praxis Technologies translates your ideas into action.