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Updated: May 22, 2019

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Protect your PC and Privacy.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Security and Privacy for 2019.

Praxis Technologies uses all browsers, though we prefer to use Google Chrome to monitor the habits of the largest Search Engine Company, log its behavior to better understand how searches react, as well as to see how our website submission results are listed. After learning our own research has indeed secured our computers, our data, and our privacy, we feel obligated to share.

You can click the Google Chrome logo to the left to download the Google Chrome Browser. We will be adding “Extensions” to Google Chrome to add security, remove pop-up advertisements, and remove suspect tracking of your browser history and related information. Now, new for 2019 Praxis Technologies will help you block malware that uses your PC processor power to mine for cryptocurrency with a new Google Chrome cryptomining extension blocker.

The Google Chrome Extension download repository is listed here should you wish to search for more options after reading the Praxis Technologies recommendations below. CHROME EXTENSION:

To reach your stored “Extensions” in Google Chrome, you can click the sandwich menu: google chrome sandwich menu  then, hover over “More Tools”.  You will see the menu expand and then click on “Extensions”.

#1 Ranked Best Google Chrome Privacy Extension | Adblock


Adblock is a web standard for ridding your browser of suspect advertisements throughout the webpage body, sidebar, top and bottom. It will remove static ads and some pop up advertisements as well. Adblock is supported by most browsers including our preferred browser, Google Chrome.

adblock Click here to install Adblock

Once, installed:

  • “Right Click”the Adblock icon adblock | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension in the Chrome Bar.
  • Click “Options” to bring up the menu shown below.
  • Uncheck “Allow some nonintrusive advertising.” This will prevent all adds possible.

adblock options

#2 Ranked Best Google Chrome Privacy Extension | Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

Yes, you may say, we have Adblock, why do we need Adblock Plus as well? There is a very simple reason, what one doesn’t catch the other one will. There is a reason these are the two largest and most known Adblock extensions, so why not install both. They work well together from our own personal experience.

Adblock Plus | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension Click here to install Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus Options | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

Like some extensions, Adblock Plus does need a tweak to have it be at its most secure. Once Adblock Plus is installed, you should see a mini Adblock Plus icon in your Chrome dashbar like thisAdblock Plus | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension.

  • Right Click the ABP icon in your dashbar and click on “Options”.
  • This will show a new page with the ability to uncheck “Allow Acceptable Ads”.
  • You want to uncheck this box to show as minimal ads as possible assuring your clicks only take you where you want to go.

#3 Ranked Best Google Chrome Privacy Extension | Disconnect

disconnect chrome extension

Disconnect.  Secure your identity, keep your information safe, and Disconnect says it even speeds up your browser. Less tracking cookies downloading and loading makes sense to speed up your browser.  We do trust this plugin as we have followed them since their launch. This development team has worked in Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. They know how your PC is tracked and how to avoid it and the accompanying cookies. No setup after installation is necessary making it an easy tool to use.

disconnect chrome extension | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension Click here to install Disconnect

#1 Ranked Best Google Chrome Security Extension | JustBlock Security

JustBlock Security | | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

JustBlock Security. It always helps to add a layer of security to your Browser. JustBlock Security sets up prevention intrusion and stops malicious malware downloads while visiting compromised websites. JustBlock Security is an excellent free Google Chrome Extension with options that will be very effective to protect your PC.

JustBlock Security | | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension Click here to download JustBlock Security

JustBlock Security Options | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

Once you have installed the JustBlock Security extension for Google Chrome, there are a few bells and whistles we must implement to give your computer the security edge it needs.

  • In the top bar of Google Chrome you should now see a red JustBlock Security shield icon.
  • Right Click the red JustBlock Security shield icon
  • Click “Options” from the popup menu

Now, we will select the options I checked in red on the illustration. The options to select are:

  • Block Malicious Download
  • Block Ads
  • Block Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Block Email Trackers
  • Block Notifications
  • Block Shadow Clicks

If you wish, it can only help to activate all features of JustBlock Security. It just may slow down your browser some. The options PTsupport recommends cover areas that the above Chrome Extensions do not so there is less overlap of duplicate process.  The upside to JustBlock Security is that is offers an advanced firewall that will protect your PC from unwanted Downloads and possible malicious injections as well as from the Cryptocurrency mining that we will describe in more detail below.

#2 Ranked Best Google Chrome Security Extension | Miner Block | Block Coin Miners

Miner Block | Block Crypto Mining Browser Chrome | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

A new champion of a browser threat to emerge for 2018 is a crypto mining malware. How it works is the website you visit will use your PC processing power, mainly your CPU, to mine for crypto currency as long as you remain on their infected website.  This is such a viable threat, we made sure to include 2 separate Chrome Extensions for our 2018 refresh that should prevent such an exploit of your system between them.

You will know if you visit such an infected crypto mining website as your PC or laptop fans will accelerate to full power / full blast to try to cool the system from being used to its maximum capacity. When the website is closed, your fans will return to a normal rate of speed. That is about the easiest way to know which websites to avoid.

Staying too long on a malware infected crypto mining website can weaken your PC CPU, Motherboard, RAM, GPU and Power Supply from the heat generated.  No options need adjustment after installation, which makes this an easy alternative.

#3 Ranked Best Google Chrome Security Extension | Fair Adblocker

Fair Adblocker | | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

A new additional threat for 2019 is the now ever present invisible “overlay” advertisement.  When clicking on a website page, a clear layer is placed over top the website that when a visitor tries to click a link, the overlay advertisement redirects the click to a different website with ads that earns the website owner advertising fees.

Overlay advertisements on websites are a pure nuisance that visitors do not deserve. After testing over 20 plugins to stop the overlay popup advertisement issue, we found finally Fair Adblocker. Praxis Technologies recommends you install Fair Adblocker from the Google Chrome web store. We found this plugin so useful we added it as our first recommendation for browser security for 2019.

Click the links here to be redirected to the Google web store for extensions. The links will take you to the Fair Adblocker Google Chrome page where once you install the extensions, no further setup is necessary. This is an easy fix for a pest of an issue.

#4 Ranked Best Google Chrome Security Extension | Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Deluxe | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension

Norton Security Deluxe has been our go to protection recommendation for personal systems and for small offices of up to 10 Devices including Windows And Apple Desktops, laptops, and Android or iOS devices. Norton active security scanner picks up malware injections, dangerous tracking cookies and malicious code, in your Browser, and before reaching your hard drive as it is deleted at detection. Norton includes Google Chrome Extensions:

    • Norton Safe Web is available to protect your searches from being hijacked and redirected to dangerous websites. Malware is blocked before it can be a threat.
    • Norton Safe Search is a secured search. Norton Safe Search rankings are results based upon a site safety ranking and a proprietary Norton rating.
    • Norton Password Manager is a an easy to use password manager for Google Chrome. It will assure the security of your personal data and your credit card information, which will be safely stored in your browser.
    • Norton Home Page creates a landing page when you open your browser.  Norton Home Page allows you to see a website safety status rankings. It also shows site safety rankings of frequently visited websites all in one page.

Norton works well with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. No setup is necessary after install, which is a great feature for an otherwise complex task. Norton has added bundled tools like automated backup and as much as 25GB of secure Cloud Storage.

Norton Security Deluxe | PTsupport recommended security Google Chrome extension Click here to get started with Norton Security Deluxe.


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