How to start a Company website

What is needed to create a Company website?

Domain Name | Copy | Social | Pictures | Video | eCommerce

Praxis Technologies has written a website development plan of essentials to provide you with an understanding of the creation of these disparate pieces along with how they come together into a website of which your company will be proud, will earn increased revenue, and will attract new visitors while retaining a strong bond with your client base.

Which Domain Name URL

Which Domain Name do you choose?

A concise domain name that has your Company Name or Brand in the url is the best choice. This will leverage the Brand recognition you already have and give your core services an easier way to be found on search engines by those who are familiar.

We always recommend .com as the preferred choice of url. The others like .org for Charities, or .uk for Country specific Domains are good, as they are known to internet users and can also target geographic regions. However, we recommend avoiding other urls like, .net, .co, .info as they will not be as easily remembered by your audience. Everyone can remember .com, but only the truly devoted will remember that your site is something else.

As an alternate method to Company Name URLs, or if your preferred domain name is unavailable, longer descriptive domain names can also used successfully. A Visitor has a better chance of finding and remembering your site with descriptive terms in the URL, like:, versus an unrelated string of letters,

Copy Writing for your Company Website

Do you have a description of Services?

Copy for an Established Company or Brand can easily be leveraged from existing Print Materials featuring your Founding Story, Services offered, and Members Biographies.

If you are starting a new Company, Copy will be one of the hardest tasks. We know you want to provide a thoughtful representation of your Company to website visitors. And, unless you are experienced writer, one can quickly become overwhelmed.

We suggest hiring a specialist who can work with you to craft an original Founding Story for you and your Brand, and can help you describe the Services you offer. This will save you time and give you an irreplaceable description of your Company your Visitors otherwise wouldn’t understand.

Would you like to create a Company Video?

Video Advertising is larger than ever. Visitors respect your Website Products and Services more when there are varied mediums of description and presentation. Each person learns differently so giving your Visitor every means available to learn more about your Company benefits everyone. In 2015, it was shown 50% of visitors will stay on your website longer if a video is available on the page.

To create a Company Branded short, a script should be written or an outline created featuring a focus on your Company and its Services or create a video focusing on a individual Product or Service. Present this outline to a qualified Videographer who can bring together an actor, a studio and edit the work to produce a professional level product. Alternatively, Animation is an excellent medium, and can target Visitors of All Ages. Animation would require a Voice Over Artist and an Animator to create the artwork and link up the sound.

An easy entryway into video can also be the standard Slideshow Video Presentation featuring Voice Over or music as an accompaniment. Selecting the appropriate images to help depict the narrative will be the first task. Then, develop a story either through text which is displayed over the images or record audio for a voice over.

Sell Your Products Services Online with ECommerce

Would you like to sell Products or Services Online?

Will your website offer an Ecommerce Store? If appropriate for your Company, an Online Store is a great way to build Brand recognition as both a fully qualified Supplier ready to distribute on a National or International level for both Retail and Wholesale. Of course, the added benefit of income derived from your own E-Commerce shop is the main goal for your Company. And, with the correct set of tools a Web Shop can bring together Content Management, Orders tracked by Number, Shipping Fulfillment via a Top Tier Carrier like UPS, FedEx or USPS along with Tax calculation, and an automated sending notifications of Orders to both Customer and Management.

Attractive product images and thoughtfully written descriptions will be the base on which any shop is built. Hiring a Professional Photographer will lead to your greatest sales success. But, even the best images alone, without a proper description will fail to meet your needs. Again, if resources allow, hiring a Professional writer to create an appealing description of your product or service will be invaluable.

Social Media Twitter Facebook Linkedin Pinterst

Social Media Interaction

Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+ are the backbone of any Professional Website Social Media Structure. It may seem that hiring an outside agency is the only way to manage the Outlets as best as possible. And, if your Company has the ability to have an inhouse PR team or you can outsource the PR, we recommend doing so as it will free up valued members of your Company, or yourself, to move onto larger tasks at hand while enjoying the rewards of social media when you choose to participate.

There are other means available which lead us to leveraging automation in Social Media, which can fulfill a great deal of the interaction with pre-programmed messages including a recirculating cycle of your Products, Services,Website Copy, Images and Video. This is when the work that was put into your Company Copy and Photography and Video pay off, as Social Media realizes the value of your Services, or the beauty of your Products, and shares your Website across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like.

Our talent will show the world your skill.


  • Posted by Praxis Technologies
  • On 02/09/2016