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Praxis Technologies Web Developers and Web Designers will consult with you to understand your vision. We will custom create your new website featuring logos, video and photography that will best represent your Brand while directing your visitors to your most important content. We Develop your new website to have proper Search Engine Optimization, on every page, to have you found and featured on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Praxis Technologies translates your ideas into action.

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We offer over 10 years experience delivering Web Development and Design that is clean, functional, and inviting of user interaction through UX|UI that directs a Visitor to your most important content.

Our Web Development is not only one that is fully featured to suit your Company expectations as of now, while being upgradeable and ready to adapt to the tools your site will need to grow.

Our chosen CMS is WordPress. WordPress offers one of the strongest platforms on which to build one of your Businesses most valuable assets, your internet cornerstone. As of now WordPress is in its 15th year of development and owns almost 30% of websites developed today. We find it gives the stability necessary to hold up to high traffic websites as well as  the ability to display the modern, responsive Web Design style that your Visitors expect on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.


Praxis Technologies Web Developers will build your new Website with Responsive Development and Web Design. Your Company’s new website will automatically scale to fit Desktop Web Browsers up to 1920×1080, Mobile Phone Browsers and Tablets. Mobile and Tablet browsing now reflects at least 30% of visitors, which is a large percentage that your site must be ready to assist. If your current website doesn’t scale in such fashion, your visitors will notice. As well Mobile and Tablet Development factors into Google’s ranking of your Company website, making Responsive Websites an ever more valuable resource.

Responsive Web Design gives your content the best platform to be seen properly, no matter the interface, without the need for a standalone Mobile App, thus saving your Company money as well.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is of utmost importance and will dictate the amount of traffic your website receives, no matter the product. If a visitor can’t find your site on Google or other search engines, or Google ranks your Company site beyond the 2nd page of search results, then SEO is the problem. SEO is a challenge for most Businesses, though not for us. Praxis Technologies has been a follower of strategies that have held true since the beginning and that will have your Company found and featured on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

Praxis Technologies refines your websites SEO using researched analytics to gain your Company traction. Then we disseminate your SEO to Google, Bing and Yahoo in the proper format by using custom developed and designed pieces of your new Company site, each with functional SEO embedded in images and video to help reach your goals.

No matter how good a site looks or at what cost a site is attained, proper Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing will always be one of your wisest investments.


E-Commerce and Video have become a key part of every Modern Website. 50% of visitors stay on the website longer when a video is in place. As well, buyers of physical products will look for a video to reinforce their decision to purchase.  We will build your site with a Stream Video on your own Network and to sell your Products directly to the Visitor, with funds deposited direct to your Bank’s Merchant Account.

Praxis Technologies can help you edit your content from shorts to full length films. We have 5 years experience creating original content for Production Studios in Los Angeles using the latest video editing tools like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut and AVID.

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Wordpress is the leading Open Source CMS in use ranked in 2015 at 25% of the market*. WordPress is used by Worldwide News outlets, Professional Sports Organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies*.  Praxis Technologies can leverage that power for your Business.

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